President Elect Trump

By | November 11, 2016

These protests and riots over Donald Trumps election kinda reminds me of when the prophet spoke Gods Words: “Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls. But they said, We will not walk therein. Jeremiah 6:16

With the horrible liberal administration we’ve had over the past 8 years, evil in our country has been ever present and weakening us as a nation, I pray, as I’ve been praying, that Mr. Trump will return us to a day when we will again be a great and powerful republic that can claim “One Nation Under God”!

Pray for our country and for our new leader folks.

Your servant in Christ Jesus…

5 thoughts on “President Elect Trump

  1. Dwan Johnson

    Definitely agree and praying! It was great to talk with you last might!

  2. Aaron Mendenhall

    I agree about the Obama administration. Totally horrible administration. I hold no illusions or false hopes that Trump will be some kind of political savior. I’m sure he may do things I disagree with, but I do hope that, overall, he does a decent job and can start to get this country going in a better direction…

  3. Ditto

    Back when Obama wqas first elected, Graceblest and I would meet in the ICQ messenger room to pray for him, the government, our repespective states and governments, etc. Because ICQ didn’t provide a way for us to share the time with an extra person, whenever Cloudwalker came by, the three of us would move into the TPCIM chatroom and continue praying.

    I don’t know if ICQ ditched us for what we were using the system, but it closed us down and, because TPCIM wasn’t woriking at the time, we sought to find another suitable messenger service and we never did.

    According to Dr. Irvin Baxter, the U.S. will remain a country into the Great Depression and will be the protector of Israel. However, nobody knows when the pre-tribulation will begin (Baxter explains how we can know when the Great Tribulation will begin (3 1/2 years after a treaty is signed, between Israel and Palestine…he expected that to have happened, by now, because John Kerry all but demanded Israel would be forced to sign that treaty by either 2009 or 2013 (I forget which).
    Well, it didn’t happen and a new administration is about to begin.


  4. Ditto

    That’s for sure!
    In the past, we’ve known Republican presidents to be treated badly, from the git-go, simply be-cause the media is liberal and, also, because the media, as well as just about every voter, who is liberal, demands everything is the fault of the conservatives.
    For example: Clinton was impeached (and, rightly so) and you could easily assume that the media and the liberal voters would demand Geo. W. Bush be impeached…AND, THEY DID!

    Now that Muslim Obama has failed in his attempt to destroy America, everything that he HAS wrought, that is wrong, will be blamed on Trump.

    Some of you already know that I communicate (via VideoPhone .. this woman and I are both totally Deaf, although she has had the Cochlear Implant, meaning she has some hearing back…I, on the other hand, am no longer a candidate for that contraption — THANK YOU, JESUS! — and she finally had to back off about it.
    (An aside, here: Between 1971 and 1999 I had a total of eleven brain surgeries, meaning that another surgery, on my head, will probably kill me. Therefore, although I, being able to understand English and having a working understanding of sound — these are the deciding factors into whether a person is a good candidate or not — I am not going to be able to have this surgery because my cochlea have become like rock (I’m the only person, I know, who can prove I have rocks in my head!!) which means they would have to cut into my ear and drill through my cochlea, in order to reach the nerve.
    Because of this, my neurosurgery team won’t allow it….Again, THANK YOU, JESUS!))

    Personally, other than the fact that I cannot, in good conscience, vote for anyone, who doesn’t take the sanctity of life as closely as I … meaning, if the candidate is pro-slaughter (WELL, THEY CALL IF ABORTION, BIRTH CONTROL OR ANTHING ELSE…. BUT, IT’S STILL MURDER!)
    and, I WILL NOT vote for a candidate, who doesn’t care about ending the defenseless like of an infant.

    Also, during the past administration, Obama has proven that his party doesn’t care about Israel. Until that changes, I will not even consider voting for a democrat!


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