JOY: An Advent Devotion-Poem

By | December 19, 2019

Our Adult Choir is working on a wonderful cantata “A Song of Joy”! It is one of the best I’ve seen in a l long time! When the Apostle Paul listed the fruits of the Spirit, the first was love. Joy came next! That does not surprise me a bit! All of us crave to be loved, and when we know that we are loved, it brings a lot of joy to our hearts! In fact, it amazes me how many girl babies have been named Joy! The joy of knowing Jesus and His love just can’t be beat! Praise God for His love: and by the way, when we “praise God” we do it with hearts full of joy! Joy of being forgiven. Joy at being God’s child through faith in His Son.

Christmas Joy

Hark, Carolers! Sing with joyful sound!
Christ has come! Let His love abound!
Asleep in the manger, the Lord of all
Answers His father’s loving call!

Tell the children of darkness to have no fear,
The hour has come! The Savior is here!
“Go Son”, says the Heavenly Father of Light!
Show them the path that is holy and right!”

Sing, Carolers, in peaceful tone.
Sing the Great I AM alone!”
Who is His Son is Bread and Life,
The Prince of Peace to banish strife!

“Go tell my children there is hope.
My forgiveness is water with purest soap.
Go live for them My way of Peace
So My grace and your joy never cease!”

Hark Carolers, Sing His song of Love
From the Creator God above,
Though you have sinned there are mercy and grace
And power one day to see His Holy Face.

“Children of darkness, listen well!
For you my Son Jesus descended to hell!
He died to free you from your sin
And rose your victory to win!”

Hark, Carolers! Joy has come!
And even more joy when God calls us home
To the Heavenly Home where there’ll be no pain
no sickness, no death, just a joyful refrain!

Joy is found in Jesus!
In His Joy,

2 thoughts on “JOY: An Advent Devotion-Poem

  1. Gary Frazier (aka: Ditto)

    This is a wonderful tribute in song, Reading it, I feel as if I can hear the words being
    sung. I pray everyone, who actually hears it, will understand this, as well


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