The Living Age Quarterly ~ April, 1910

By | April 27, 2019

There the hawk and the eagle will nest in groves of the myrtle and palm by the dove. and the dove be at rest, and the lion shall lie down with the lamb.

The Lion, with eyes of deep gold. And his tawny, magnificent fleece, shall play with the lambs of the fold. And the lambs of the fold be at peace.

The Lion shall lie down with the lamb in the green, daisied grass by a spring. In the shade of the myrtle and palm. Where the doves preen the breast and the wing.

And there shall that bright worm. the Snake, His poison, his fangs cast away, with the robin his sweet pleasure take. And sit with the rabbits at play.

The Lion shall lie down with the lamb, and the heart of the Tiger, grown mild. In that season of exquisite calm, the Tiger shall sport with the child.

Creation shall live in such peace. No longer in hate, but in love. The striped wasp shall not sting, nor the bees. The Vulture shall be as the dove.

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