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Vengeance of God

I will present you with some uncomfortable questions: Who is the injured party in man’s sin and sins? If you say God (which I judge to be correct), then, The Law says that the injured man exacts retribution (Deut.19:12). Thus, God should be the “avenger” The Law says that the “Witness” of the crime shall… Read More »

Tax Exemption such as 501(c)(3)

(1) What does the bible say about tax exemption such as 501(c)(3) for example? (2) Is it proper to help build a place of worship by soliciting and accepting funds from non believers? If so, it seems like it’s being said, “We (Christians) are on a different world order with a different King but we’ll… Read More »

Yes, David was a rascal just like the rest of us

All throughout the Old Testament I see God calling the characters good men! Even looking at David, who was described as a man after God’s own heart, yet he committed adultery, virtually committed murder, he coveted, and basically broke the ten commandments from top to bottom. How can he be called a man after God’s… Read More »

Where is it at

Where in the bible does it say that women can preach and be elders? Roger Willilams Not sure your reason for asking, but it’s nowhere in the scriptures. Look at this previous question and it’ll probably give you some insight. Tim

Baptism And Not Sprinkling

I’m a pastor, doing some baptism studies at the moment, & one person wants to know when & why sprinkling became so popular. any thoughts? Peter Quinn In the first two centuries A.D. the sprinkling started with the idea of “Baptismal Regeneration”. If you aren’t familiar with this term it is widely used today in… Read More »

Fear of Death

There is a fear of death that all have. Can you give some scriptural help to show that there is no fear in death? That there is just joy in the coming Kingdom. Allen Faith is the key to resisting that fear. Paul had a good handle on the situation when he said in Philippians… Read More »

New International Version

You state all answers will be taken out of the King James Version Bible. Is that because you do not approve of the New International Version and if so why? Bonnie Bonnie, I still believe that the King James Version is the inspired word of God in English. My belief is because of the liberal… Read More »

Here a Little, There a Little

Not to shed any type of doubt on the Word of God but, why are all teachings taken from various verses throughout the Bible and not just from one place? Bert Good question and the scriptures have already answered that question for you. Isaiah 28:9 Whom shall he teach knowledge? and whom shall he make… Read More »


What do you see in the Bible about UFOs. Does the Bible give any insight into what people claim to be witnessing? Is it possible for there to be life somewhere else in the universe. Kirk As far as I can tell, there’s nothing in the Bible about ufo’s. Oh, there are many who would… Read More »

Thy Kingdom Come

This was presented this way in Sunday service by our ministry pastor, and since I am not fond of her approach or her teaching, I just wanted to check and balance myself. In the Lord’s Prayer, is this saying let your kingdom reign now, let heaven be brought to earth through us according to Your… Read More »