Marks Of The Potter

By | April 3, 2016

The following was an article from our precious Mystery Guest to the Parsons Corner some years back… Know that my prayers are still with you dear lady…

The Marks of The Potter

I bought out a large estate recently and to my delight found there was much old pottery. Now, I have collected old pottery for years and recognize most of the makers on sight. There was a lot of Roseville, Hull and other great pottery pieces.

I also discovered several Rookwood pieces. Now to those of you who do not know..that’s almost the equivalent of finding gold! There were several nice pieces, but there were also two large floor vases that were not signed. I thought all Rookwood was signed so almost dismissed them as being something else, but there was just something about them that kept nagging at me and making me think Rookwood! I took them to a wonderful friend of mine for appraisal. You should have seen the smile on his face when he saw the vases. ROOKWOOD!!!, he said…

I asked how he could be sure.. he said they have the distinguishing marks of the potter all over them. I declared that they were not marked and he smiled. They are not stamped he said, but by the glazing, firing, painting and finishing techniques used they could be no other..THEY ARE ROOKWOOD !

I have thought a lot about this and think how wonderful it would be if someone would say about me … ” She is a Christian, I can tell by the way she withstands the heat and the trials .. the way she loves .. the witness she is for Christ that she IS a Christian .

I hope that I bear the marks , the very fingerprints of THE POTTER.

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