Roots (Shallow or Deep)

By | March 12, 2016

Have you ever noticed how that when trees are growing in a place where the water is very plentiful, they have shallow roots? You see, water sustains the life of trees. When the water is plentiful, the trees don’t have to dig(work) their roots into the ground. As a result when the storms and high winds come along; these trees are easily knocked down.

Now the trees that live in areas where the water is not always easily given to them., dig their roots down firmly into the ground. There trees can endure storms or high winds and are not easily pushed over (uprooted).

Now, compare these trees to Christians… I believe that this is why God doesn’t always just hand us answers to questions, or material things. He makes us dig (work) for them. As a result when the storms in our lives try to topple us over; we are rooted deep, in God who sustains our life, and cannot be easily be pushed over.

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