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A bit of Christian Humor

In the Garden Naked

A new pastor moved into town and went out one Saturday to visit his parishioners. All went well until he came to one house. It was obvious that someone was home, but no one came to the door even after he had knocked several times. Finally, he took out his card, wrote on the back… Read More »

Satan’s Surprise

People were in their pews talking at church. Suddenly, Satan appeared at the front of the church. Everyone started screaming and running for the front entrance, trampling each other in a frantic effort to get away from evil incarnate. Soon everyone had exited the church except for one elderly gentleman who sat calmly in his… Read More »

Holy Nonsense

True Story… One evening while I was on community patrol for Calhoun Police Department, I happened to notice a 4 door sedan traveling through the town at what seemed a rather high rate of speed. When I check on the radar the car was traveling 52 mph in a 35 mph speed zone. One of… Read More »

The Preacher’s final request

An old preacher was dying. He sent a message for his IRS agent and his lawyer (both church members) to come to his home. When they arrived, they were ushered up to his bedroom. As they entered the room, the preacher held out his hands and motioned for them to sit on each side of… Read More »

A Stingy Preachers Prayer

Many, many, years ago there was a preacher who came to the United States from Scotland to pastor a church. During his first month, he heard there was going to be a deacons meeting to discuss church upkeep, so he attended. During the meeting the deacons were discussing the last business meeting about painting the… Read More »

Sunday School

A Sunday school teacher was telling her class the story of the Good Samaritan, in which a man was beaten, robbed and left for dead. She described the situation in vivid detail so her students would catch the drama. Then, she asked the class, “If you saw a person lying on the roadside, all wounded… Read More »