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The Last Night

Last night, a man who I’ve known for quite sometime was killed by a tree falling on him while cutting firewood. Like others I know, he was one who many times had come to our local ministry for financial help, and he never seemed to get out of the poverty trap. Like those others, I… Read More »

The Final Sacrifice

Since man originally committed the first sin, sacrifice for our sins was necessary before God. Man sacrificed animals to shed their blood for our sins, but it was never enough! God knew that it was never going to be enough to do these things so he sent his Son to pay the price for our… Read More »

Book of Life

The ones who believe salvation can be lost always tell me that there’s references to our names being blotted out of the book of life. There sure are, but if you’ll study a bit, you’ll find there are two books that contain the title “book of life”. The Book of Life where our name is… Read More »