A Prayer for the New Year

By | December 31, 2016

Holy Abba Father God,

First of all, I come with tremendous praise and love for all the blessings of this last year! You are an awesome God! And yet our America and indeed our world is in a major chaos. So many horrible things have happened all over the earth. Lord we come seeking hope and peace from the Prince of Peace, YOU!

Lord we need you desperately! I know that the only Peace is the peace that only You can give a believer in You! Lord, Please open masses of hearts to you that are so in need of a Savior. Please ring them to Yourseff. Use those of us who know You to be both bold and full of grace in Your love as we share Your Word. Lord take away any fear that we Christians may have of witnessing, because a dark world in headed for hell without You.

I pray for our new President-elect and his administration as they take over. l pray godly wisdom for them all! Lord, please protect them! Please don’t let them become enamored with those who seek America’s downfall. You know, Lord, that we have had far too much of that in the last years.

Lord, I also pray for Parson Timmy and this ministry. Bless it, Lord, and use it to bring many into your kingdom. Protect the integrity of what is posted here and on the Forum.

Be with Christians who are being persecuted and killed, and Lord, please help protect our right to serve You freely in this country, I pray.

I lift every pastor, every missionary, and everyone who is sharing the gospel. May Your Word come out of our mouths and pens and computers with utmost truth and love. In the name of Jesus Christ I pray. Amen!

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